A report found that in 2018, 2.5% of children were not enrolled in school. In 2020 and 2021, the figures nearly doubled to 4.6%. 65% of the total Indian population lives in rural areas. Out of this, nearly 37% of poor rural students do not have access to education and learning. Dropouts in schools are much higher in rural areas when compared to urban pockets. 

Social, cultural, and financial inequalities are making the education system handicapped in our society, especially in remote areas of India. To fight these issues, Humanity Welfare Council has come up with an initiative called Project LitIndia, which is a PAN India movement working towards eliminating educational inequity in India.

We strive to make India's rural youth literate with creativity and confidence by establishing Litindia Centers in education-deprived regions. We envisage empowering the education system of India by setting up one lakh educational centers (LitIndia centers) across the country. 

We envision achieving a 100 percent literacy rate in India through opening LitIndia centers in the all-remote locations of India. We aspire to build a digitally literate India where everyone can access education, removing geographical and economic barriers. Our goal is to make India literate and educated by creating public awareness. 

We are building a robust ecosystem in the education sector that promotes growth and uplifts deprived sections of society. Our goal is to provide learners with a safe space for their holistic development where they can acquire knowledge at their own pace. Our LitIndia centers will offer a full array of learning solutions from the latest research and technological advances and host creative and intellectually stimulating events, such as art workshops, debates, roundtables, lectures, and presentations. Our nodal centers will host examinations for those who had to drop their education due to unavoidable reasons and help them get certified.

We are working together with educators, volunteers, and enthusiasts to ensure that no one is left without access to education due to a lack of resources or opportunities. We have inaugurated the first educational center in the Machhal sector, Kupwara district, Kashmir, and are working towards building India's highest educational center. We aim to establish 773 LitIndia nodal centers across India and one lakh education centers in each cluster.

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