Access to comprehensive, quality health care services is essential for maintaining health, preventing and managing diseases, decreasing unnecessary disabilities and premature death, and achieving health equality for all citizens. Various healthcare schemes and programs have been introduced and implemented to provide primary health facilities. The introduction of nanotechnology is expected to transform India's pharmaceutical industry into an advanced level.

Health and family welfare is a crucial segment of our nation's welfare system. A family is a unit that holds an individual together as a powerful identity. But the unplanned family system and poor health conditions can harass a person mentally and emotionally. Moreover, there is a misconception among poor households that more children, more earning hands. Contradicting it, more children implies more responsibility and more mouths to feed. And failure to understand this reality leads to poverty, malnutrition, and an increased death rate. Therefore, health and family welfare go hand in hand for the overall development of a nation.

Health and Family Welfare

Strong public health system.

Emergency medical relief.

Family planning policies.

Food and drugs control.

Health insurance for poor.

Medical education and awareness.

Health research.

Maternal health

Free Medical services

Health care of elderly citizens.

Health care of elderly citizens.

Public health

Over the years, our country’s continuous efforts and scientific development have improved India's childbirth and mortality rate. The unachieved agendas of diseases and environmental changes have pressurised the Indian Government. And today, the COVID-19 virus has poorly crumbled our health system.

This contagion has affected our health, lives, and economy at large. Every corner around the world is struggling with the impact of coronavirus. Our best efforts are failing to save the lives of many virus-hit individuals. We are running short of proper medical care and ventilators to support survival.

Our team at the Humanity Welfare Council has stood and is continuing to stand with our citizens in these difficult times and be a helping hand in improving overall health and family welfare in India.

We focus on disease prevention and controlling the rising population through well-designed policies and joint efforts and rightly picked choices by organizations, public and private communities, and individuals.

We aim at solid and practical plans to improve health facilities in the nation, having controlled checks over food adulteration, initiating drug control measures, and consistently controlling the rapidly increasing population.

What Do We Do?

The Humanity Welfare Council, in association with initiatives like Project Global Cure and Project Shelter, is working towards improving health and welfare in India by:

  1. Launching health awareness projects regarding Covid-19, HIV and other chronic diseases.
  2. Strengthening HRD (Human Resource Development) and building advanced infrastructure facilities for medical care which are affordable.
  3. Empowering our public health policy to create an overall impact on public health and data analysis for analyzing the effect of Government policies on health.
  4. Developing the health sector in rural and backward areas.
  5. Awareness creation of birth control means and promoting the benefit of having one child in each household.
  6. Provide a roof to poor people sleeping on roads by constructing community halls with proper hygiene and basic amenities.
Health and Family Welfare

Our other functions include:

  1. Providing a robust public health system
  2. Emergency medical relief
  3. Family planning policies
  4. Food and drugs control
  5. Health insurance for the poor
  6. Medical education and awareness
  7. Health research
  8. Maternal health
  9. Free Medical services
  10. Health care of elderly citizens

At HWC, we tirelessly work beyond hours and relocate to places to serve bread on people's platters every day. We have taken the initiative to banish hunger from this nation via Project Foodline. We have launched many initiatives under this project, like free mid-day meals for school children and distributing necessary food items to poor households. In addition, we want to spread awareness regarding health and family planning to reach every doorstep.

A developed and progressive nation is the dream of every Indian citizen, and we are making every possible effort to turn this dream into reality. All we need is public cooperation, support and contribution in making our country a safe, disease-free and beautiful place for all to reside.

Project Foodline is an initiative taken by HWC to set up community kitchens with high-quality measures and proper nutrition checks on the food. Its main objective is to provide a nutritious meal to every individual and not let anyone sleep empty stomach.

HWC aims at solid and practical plans to improve health facilities in the nation, having controlled checks over food adulteration, initiating drug control measures, and consistently controlling the rapidly increasing population.

If you are willing to serve society and support us in fulfilling this dream of a developed nation, you can be a member of HWC as an individual or an organization at, or you can make a donation at Your support is appreciated and much required for the success of our projects and programs.