“Let us pick up our books and pencils. They are our most powerful weapon.” ~ Malala Yousafzai

The best gift you can give to your children, or anyone for that matter, is education. Education gives a person the courage and confidence to go in whatever direction they would like to go. It gives you the wisdom to differentiate between good and evil, and most importantly, it helps you identify who you are!

The disruption that coronavirus has caused in the education sector has been unprecedented in India. Despite being the second-most populous country and the most famous democracy globally, India is still primarily considered a Developing country in the Global South. And one of the main issues currently faced by India is the problem of “Illiteracy.” It may seem absurd at first; however, as per the UNESCO report of 2017–18, 35% of the world’s illiterate population resides in India!

The literacy level and educational attainment are vital indicators of the development of that nation. They are the key variables affecting the demographic indicators like fertility, mortality rate, and migration. It contributes to improving quality of life, especially concerning life expectancy, infant mortality, learning levels, and nutritional levels of children.

The Humanity Welfare Council (HWC) is a nationally acclaimed organization established to empower India with technology and education, employment opportunities, and development in every area. To fulfil this dream, we have started an initiative called Project Litindia to educate every Indian and dampen the illiteracy rate thoroughly. It is a full-blown learning and development program focusing on awareness creation among all age groups. Our motive is to help people expand their learning horizons and help make our country more powerful and self-reliant since Best Education is the formula to success in any country.

As citizens play the most crucial role in shaping a country’s status, education is responsible for shaping a person. And at HWC, we are designing a system that would provide an equal platform for learning and growth to various sections of society. This system would help in the development of the educational status of the marginalized sections in society. We aim to eradicate illiteracy and provide equal access to higher technical education.

With Litindia Programme, we are taking a few initiatives to bring the light of education in every Indian household:

  • Eradicate illiteracy from the grass-root level by reaching out to every individual.
  • Introducing mobile schools in underprivileged areas to provide free standard education to children.
  • We provide an option of Free night school for people who work in the day, giving them a chance to educate themselves without compromising their work.
  • We are conducting regular workshops in rural areas to create awareness regarding the benefits of education.
  • We introduce students to many university and research scholarships launched by the Indian government and encourage them to participate.
  • We are conducting free online classes to educate and make youth aware of quality education.
  • We conduct problem-solving sessions to resolve issues encountered by students during their daily coursework.
  • We provide free internships to college graduates with practical training for a bright future in a competitive world.
  • Our expert counsellors offer advanced career options with the proper virtual guidance to fresh graduates to shape their future in the right direction.
  • We will provide day and night accessibility to our online education programs with quick solutions at your doorstep.
  • We have free customized study solutions for every student to fit their understanding level.

Illiteracy, therefore, has no room in modern society.

The more the number of people who are getting educated, the better the community.
Let us join hands and inspire everyone to be educated and gain knowledge because of the vast benefits of being literate!



Our mission is to completely eradicate illiteracy and achieve a 100% literacy rate by 2040. The Humanity Welfare Council is diligently working towards achieving its goal with true work ethics, dedicated teamwork, and a sense of belongingness for the nation. These successful educational projects allow free access to the highest quality education to underprivileged sections of society.


In the coming years, we envision a progressing India through our well-managed education system, which focuses on providing equal education opportunities to all sections of society. Our vision is to enable practical training for future growth among youth, upliftment of weaker sections through awareness projects and access to formal technical education for every individual.

We visualise India as a developed nation with every individual holding wealth of wisdom through education.

Our Mission

To obtain nearly 100% literacy rate by the year 2030.

HWC is established with a mission to help India grow and make every Indian literate. To fulfil this dream, HWC started an initiative LITINDIA PROGRAMME to educate every Indian and curb the illiteracy rate completely. This program is a full-fledged learning program with the motive of creating awareness among every age group. We are focusing on encouraging people to widen their horizon of learning and make India a powerful and self-reliant nation. Education alone can develop a country, rich in values and free from false prejudices of society.

People who are deprived of basic literacy and education in India.

  1. A donor would benefit 50% tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.
  2. He/she will have higher impact of funds disbursed.
  3. Your money is donated to a noble cause. Therefore, value for money.
  4. Customizable to fit the needs of organization/company.
  5. Third party assessment and assurance of effective utilization of funds.

If you are willing to serve society and support us in fulfilling this dream of a developed nation, you can become our member as an individual or an organization at https://www.hwcindia.org/members, or you can make a donation at https://www.hwcindia.org/donate. Your support is appreciated and much required for the success of Project Litindia and related programs.

If you would like to know more about how to get involved with us, please fill in the form at https://www.hwcindia.org/contact-us or email us at [email protected]. The organization will get back to you as soon as possible.

Project Litindia aims to improve reading, writing, and basic literacy skills of children in rural India. We are also putting efforts in the upper primary grades to help children who are at the risk of dropping out of school in rural areas.

‘Urban programs’ focus on increasing learning levels and reducing the school drop-out rates of children in urban slums and communities. They target ‘out-of-school’ and ‘in-school’ children who require additional support.

Support our project to spread the wave of literacy and education around every corner of the country.

With our LITINDIA PROGRAMME we are taking a few initiatives to bring the light of education in every Indian household. You can read more at: https://www.hwcindia.org/litindia