In times of cutting-edge technology and urbanization women in India are still blighted by violence and discrimination. It is a heart-rendering fact that there are almost 88 rape cases reported every day in India, we are far away from actual figures due to hundreds of cases that go unnoticed. Our rich culture and value system have failed in guarding the creator. All these years women are objectified by our patriarchal system as baby-making machines, constricted to the facet of marriage and restricted household system.

A country where women worshipped as Goddesses remains a hub of alarming atrocities when it’s about women’s safety. FIR's in local police stations are overflowing with a profusion of issues like rape, eve-teasing, domestic violence, assaulting, child marriage, and dowry cases. In the past 10years, women's vulnerability has increased many folds in India. Despite women leading the world and succeeding in every field, India reported over 44% of cases of violence and brutality against women over a decade. It's just the data on records the real picture is way scarier, the number of cases is sky-high. Whether it's an adult or three-year-old girl, no female is safe inside or outside the house. Inside the house, they become victims of domestic violence, and today when there is a change in the mindset of women being at par with the male in every field of life. There is a rise in cases of violence against women in workplaces. There are numerous reasons behind the surge in cases reported related to the vulnerability of women. The most significant cause is contributed by the men who consider women a tool for their pleasure and society that consider men superior. The other reason is the Indian judicial system operating at a slow pace leading to delayed justice which is equal to justice denied.

Women's Safety
Following steps must be taken to ensure the safety of women such as -
  • Women must be equipped with self-defence techniques.
  • Sex education should become a part of the curriculum to make children aware of sex-related crimes.
  • Media should play an active role in showing reality.
  • Laws related to women related crimes must be strict and
  • The speedy process needs to be followed, in courts.
  • 24-hour patrolling on roads to ensure the safety of women.
  • Volunteer bodies to participate in collecting data and investigating at ground level to check on the crime rate.

With the evolution of society, the mindset has broadened apropos to empowerment of women. In the sphere of politics, aeronautics, engineering and even agriculture women are considered head hunters of victory. Along with the falling GDP, our nation is falling in saving the pride and rights of women. There is a need for revolutionary change in the judicial system in handling such crimes and our nation to pace up on women's safety and equality compared to its current standing. Women are the backbone of any nation and protecting women and their rights will lead the nation towards development. Join a drive to uplift the condition of women by being a part of HWC women welfare programs.

Women struggle with sanitization and Safety

August 15, 2020, chronicled as the 73rd year of independence. It's been more than 73 years since we liberated ourselves from the trammel of British slavery and unfurled the message of non-violence in the whole world with the unique freedom struggle. But we still need liberation from dirt and filth.

According to UN India ranks among the top 20 nations in open defecation with almost 620 million people in rural areas lacking toilet facilities.

With inadequate access to private and clean toilets, women in rural regions of India are risking their health and safety. This unfortunate situation results in embarrassment, hygiene-related diseases, and violence against women. There was a case of such violence reported on 27 May 2014, in Katra village of Uttar Pradesh, where two young girls were gang-raped and hanged, after they went to excrete in the dark.

In the 21st century, women have achieved the zenith of success in every field of life. People talk about technology, space, and advancement, on another end, it holds no dignity for these rural women excreting in fields and waiting for darkness to answer nature's call. But after witnessing such incidents of violence they fear to go out even at night. It cost them a heavy price, on their health holding their bowels and bladders for hours. There is a constant fear of wild animals and men waiting to grab them like vultures from all sides.

Rural women, facing certain restrictions on sanitation access because of social standards and taboos related to menstruation and female sexuality. With no access to sanitary pads and proper disposal places, these women get infected regularly.