Being the world's second-most populous country and one of the fastest-growing economies, India is facing both unique and unprecedented challenges and opportunities in the public health arena. 

The country is facing persistent and daunting public health challenges, particularly for the poor - including child undernutrition and low birth weights often leading to premature death or lifelong health issues; increased rates of neonatal and maternal mortality; rise in noncommunicable diseases like diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and tobacco usage, resulting in cancer and related conditions; and high rates of road traffic accidents resulting in injuries and deaths.

Adding to this, there are disparities in health and health care systems between poorer and richer states and underfunded healthcare systems in India. Rising to meet these challenges, Project Global Cure (PGC), an initiative of the Humanity Welfare Council, focuses on affordability and equity of access to preventative healthcare for vulnerable populations, which is mandatory if a nation aspires for holistic growth. Furthermore, we aim to technologically develop India's health sector with initiatives advancing the medical system.

Through Project Global Cure, we strive to make healthcare accessible to all without any burden of extra costs and transform the health sector to make India healthy by 2030. We envision reconstructing the healthcare system in India by providing necessary funds to people in desperate need of medical assistance and bringing advancement to the medical system.

So far, Project Global Cure has: 

  • Supported 100+ critically-ill patients through online and offline fundraising campaigns
  • Set up and continue to establish more Primary Health Centres in the slums of India.
  • United with medical researchers, medical institutions, government, and non-government bodies in an attempt to attain solutions to globally arising medical concerns. 
  • Conducted health awareness events in vulnerable locations to spread information about health-related issues and ways to mitigate them.
  • Conducted health camps in remote areas of India on a timely basis
  • Spread awareness about health and medical topics
  • Published articles, publications, and blogs on various social topics

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