Who Are We?

The Humanity Welfare Council is a development organization working to empower the most marginalized communities in India. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, we came into existence in 2017. We endeavour to empower communities by enhancing individual potential, leadership, mutual support, and collaborative actions. We are a team of visionaries, strategic thinkers, change-makers, and seasoned professionals committed to innovation's power to create a more sustainable future. We are working diligently towards our mission through our various projects and programs.

The main thrust of our organization is to safeguard the economic and social rights of all people living in India. Through our value-based partnerships with competent individuals and government bodies, international agencies, and private sector organizations, we aim to create a self-sustaining and collaborative ecosystem for the development of society that collectively works across geographies.

The Humanity Welfare Council is working towards creating a sustainable system that can absorb the impact of the changing world. We have a cluster-based approach, supporting multiple interlinked activities in identified clusters of contiguous villages across India. We envisage transforming India's health care and education sectors by digitizing them and making them accessible to everyone. We are also working on developing a model for disaster relief and aid in rescue work in case of calamities.

The Humanity Welfare Council also recognizes the need to work closely with the existing government/state developmental systems, structures, and schemes. Convergence and collaboration with these help HWC reach maximum coverage. Towards this, we have extended our regular and continued support in our work areas for national development programs, welfare schemes, and development programs of the state governments, district administrations, district rural development departments, social welfare departments, education departments, and other government departments.

Relentless hard work and a transparent style of functioning while rendering quality community service have been our niche. Together with our dynamic and passionate team of members, employees, partners, donors, and program partners, we have emerged as a transformative force in the lives of millions in India.

We have initiated various projects under the below areas to provide holistic support in every sector affecting the growth of our nation. 


To transform the health sector of India with Project Global Cure.


To eradicate the factors leading to poverty through Project Srishtipath and Project FoodLine.

Animal Welfare

To protect animals from exploitation and abuse, priovide them with lifetime support and assistance and create awareness about their wellbeing through Project Animal Life.


Transforming the educational Sector through Project LitIndia.

Disaster Response

To provide advanced rapid relief catering to all the needs in the shortest possible time in a disaster-hit area through ERRS.

Environment Conservation

To work towards conserving the ecosystem, natural resources, protection of forests, and prevention of pollution.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where everyone has access to education, healthcare, and opportunities to live a life of dignity and security. The Humanity Welfare Council aims to empower marginalized communities with the resources and support to live a life free from poverty and injustice and achieve their full potential.

Our Mission

We endeavor to break the vicious cycle of poverty and social ostracism while restoring hope for a better future. We believe that every person has the right to access resources and opportunities to live with respect and to become an active and contributing member of our society.

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles function as the bedrock for the role of the Humanity Welfare Council and its stakeholders in promoting a collaborative and sustainable model for development.

  • We work with the most marginalized communities in India.
  • To promote our shared vision of transformation through development, we work with local communities, NGOs, and the government.
  • We encourage the community and other stakeholders involved to live sustainably beyond the project period.
  • We advocate a shared vision in our collaborations.
  • In collaboration with the government, we design replicable, scalable, and sustainable models for a wider impact.


  • To work for the social development of underprivileged individuals, groups, and communities in all the states of India.
  • To encourage healthcare development and health awareness.
  • To work on emergency disaster relief and rehabilitation
  • To support underprivileged children, youth, adults, and families in the process of social integration and self-development.
  • To endorse human rights, especially the rights of children and the youth, along with the rights of underprivileged groups and communities.
  • To actively encourage and promote volunteerism.

Thoughtful Leadership

Meet our highly driven and creative individuals who power the Humanity Welfare Council. These are our Heroes With a Passion for Transforming Their Communities.

Udita Saikia
Ms. Udita Saikia

Director - Project Animal Life

Mani Raj Singh
Mr. Mani Raj Singh

Director - Project Litindia