Animal Welfare

Since ancient times, animals have been a crucial part of human civilization. Humans have domesticated them for both agriculture and camaraderie purposes. However, over the years, our affinity towards them has morphed into abuse in which the welfare of animals is highly compromised. Animals are abused across India and worldwide, whether in laboratories, farms, or pet shops, and the abuse is often justified for the human good.

Animal Welfare has been considered a niche topic, often relegated to being an emotional one. It is sometimes perceived as just pet animals' issues (mostly cats, dogs, and sometimes cows) in India. At times, people's awareness tends to be limited to wildlife exploitation issues, such as wildlife conservation and human-wildlife conflict. 

Humanity Welfare Council believes that we human beings have the potential to lead the world in animal welfare. India has passed laws for the welfare of animals. For example, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act in 1960 by the Parliament of India prevents unnecessary pain or suffering inflicted on animals. India also has one of the most stringent wildlife protection laws. 

While these are positive developments, we need today's widespread acceptance of animal protection as a serious social issue. It becomes the responsibility of every Indian citizen to protect animal rights. All types of social sectors must recognize this and work together.

Strengthening animal-protection laws and ensuring that people who abuse animals receive long-term jail, significant fines, and psychological counselling and banning them from having contact with animals are essential.

Project Animal Life is one such initiative of the Humanity Welfare Council that has strong animal advocates on its team. We help in lifetime support and assistance to the animals and create awareness about their wellbeing. We have been helping animals by feeding them and providing medical care. If you have any concerns regarding animal laws or want to drop a complaint about animal abuse or an animal being lost, information regarding the sterilization of animals, etc., we are here for you. If you are willing to work for the welfare of the animals, or if you are an animal lover looking for opportunities to serve the voiceless, you can reach out to us.   

Let's prioritize and begin thinking about changes we can make in daily life to promote the wellbeing of animals. There is no such thing as too much compassion, and at Project Animal Life, we believe that all living creatures deserve a chance at a happy, peaceful life.